Unapologetically African

Im sorry if I dont feel the need to apologize for being a bold african female.
The cold stares you effortlessly give when I decide to rock my fro with no make up do not phase me. What phases me though is you trying to undermine a sister based on the texture of her hair. Dont get me wrong I admire a sister who can put on a good face bit and rock that weave. The problem only comes when you lose yourself in all that. African women have a long history that roots down to strength. Primitive as we were , we drew our inspiration from how females species in the animal kingdom protected their own. We were the backbones of the homes. Did almost anything without breaking a sweat. To be an african female means more than just melanin popping and big ass.

We were born natural feminist. Which does not mean we looked down upon man and painted them black. But we knew the role we played in building our man to become better leaders and better fathers.

Being unapologetically african to me means I embrace all my african pride and with that I build a community of african people who can stand for themselves and for those who cant. Who can voice opinions when they matter.

When I look back at how our mothers fought for us african females to become independent it kind of saddens me because we have been set free only to end up in struggles we have set for ourselves.

Women aren’t free just because they are surviving, or even economically comfortable. They are free only when they have power over their own lives. – Shreen Essof

What does it mean to be unapologetically african to you?


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