They say, but we are African

The say that history is written by the victors. I would like to share a bit of our African victory by correcting the erred history that has been fed to the masses for many decades.


They came to our shores, took the outlines of these rocks, and in Berlin they divided up our land, and split our wealth. And they say, “but you are African, your fronts are not unified, you always fighting “. But we are African! Our kingdoms traded in unanimity from the banks of the Nile to the Cape of the Khoisan. Our fight has always been for freedom and equality for all. The guns that today won’t let anything  grow, will once again be replaced by the Scythe and Sickle and the Mill Wheel.


They fuel their economies through our petroleum rich waters. They show case the Maserati on Forbes and tell us that Bill Gates is the richest man to ever live. And they say, “but you are African, poverty is your way”.  But we are African! Go to your Google right now and type, Mansa Musa. The black emperor of Mali. The richest man to ever walk the planet, even by our standards. He once spent so much gold in one of his trips, that the price of gold around the world dropped for ten years. There was so much gold in circulation that it lost its worth. Now come and talk about poverty.


They called us slaves. Slavery: Owning another human being the same way you would own a beast of burden. But we are African! Our stature is renowned as the great men of old were. Our “mutupo” speaks of our people as majestic as the beast of our plains. No Shakespeare! Our poetry beats with the heart of the Palanca Negra .” Mbuya chikonamombe, chigumbe chinounye….Gusho, vari rare…vari zihota…vemtuo munyere…vakazadzwa mhezi neVaranda.”  As a matter of fact, the word applied to the people of Eastern Europe, “the Slav People”, is where the word slave originated. They tried to impose they reality on a people far above their wake. They feel threatened by our unity and the strength that comes with it.


They called our education “bantu education”, as a way to ridicule us. But we are “Bantu” !  Have they forgotten that the greatest collection of literature was here. And stored by our black Egyptian brothers. ( the Library in Alexandria ).

Our Ubuntu tells of wisdom and unity passed down from black brother to black brother. We are Ubuntu.


Being African is knowing that we are proud of our name. No more South Rhodesia. I am great Zimbabwe. No more South West Africa. I am Namibia. No more New Lisbon. I am Angola…. I am Uganda, Botswana, Ruwanda … I am Africa!


Yashiro O.P.


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